Seth D. Schoen
1022A Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-4086

(415)282-4798 telephone
(415)582-8271 pager

This résumé is subject to change through additional editing. This version was issued June 19, 2001.



(Of the above, only GNU/Linux and Unix experience is current.)

Programming languages

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Selected Publications and Presentations

I have an additional publication about which information is available upon request.

Recent Programming

Selected Interests and Activities

I am lead maintainer for a new free software project, the LNX-BBC Bootable Business Card, based on the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card, and am currently preparing the first release, version 1.618. All of the original creators of the Linuxcare BBC are contributing to this project.

I am a volunteer technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a regular attendee at its BayFF meetings.

I am an active member of several local Linux user groups and have been an officer of the UC Berkeley Linux Users Group. I have volunteered at the bimonthly CABAL Linux installfests. I have been an invited speaker at BALUG and SVLUG.

I have an interest in freedom of expression, privacy, and intellectual property issues. I have been a license reviewer for the Open Source Initiative. I have participated in the OpenLaw dvd-discuss forum. I provide technical support and other volunteer service for Peacefire. I have also attended SF 2600.

I attended the March 2000 meeting of the Copy Protection Technical Working Group as a reporter for Cryptome.

I advised Sonoma Academy, a new independent high school in Santa Rosa, CA, about educational technology.