(This list is out of date because I've replaced this database with a different database which is not yet published on the web, and which only includes books with an ISBN -- thus, only editions published since the early 1970s.)

I'm sorry if you found this list via a search engine and were hoping for more detailed information about one of these books. You're free to ask me, if you like, though, and I'll see if I can help you somehow. (I'm not a dealer and probably don't have a specific source for purchasing these titles.)

This list is generated automatically by a script based on the current contents of my database. This is a list of books I have (in California); I have only entered about 50% of my library so far. I also have a separate list of books I would like to have.

Books with a known ISBN are linked to BookFinder.com, a powerful search engine created by my friend Anirvan Chatterjee and maintained by his company 13th Generation Media. I don't receive any commission or compensation for recommending books. These links are provided solely for your convenience in case you are interested in obtaining a copy of one of these titles.

I invite you to join me in boycotting Amazon.com.

Thanks to Erik Klavon for suggestions and advice.

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